Board of Directors

New Beginnings

From the very beginning 29 years ago, the TEEG Board of Directors established a mission of empowerment that still guides us today. A quilt stitched by residents in the village of Three Rows in 1987 was created as a symbol of our mission in action then, and continues to hang in our community room today. It is a constant reminder of our commitment to the Northeast Community.

The TEEG Board leads with a broad perspective – looking far and wide to appreciate the span of the community need. Their vision allows TEEG staff to focus on helping people – serving each person, one at a time, with the uniquely right service offered at the moment of need.

By taking the time to learn and appreciate each story, we are able to provide people with what they need, when they need it – a helping hand, a warm heart, a hearty meal… or a bicycle.

TEEG is honored to be served by:

  • Christopher Burke, Esq- President- Pomfret Center
  • Rene Comtois, Vice President- Thompson
  • Mary Anne Fontaine- Secretary- Thompson
  • Aaron McGarry, Treasurer- Thompson
  • Mercedes Robbins, Assistant Treasurer- Thompson
  • Kevin Shaw, Woodstock
  • Jo-Ann Chenail, Thompson
  • Dr. Mary Cheyne, Woodstock
  • Larry Consiglio, North Grosvenordale
  • Eric Gould, Putnam
  • Sandra Gould, Putnam
  • Mary Ellen Jones,  North Grosvenordale
  • Erica Kesselman, MD, Pomfret
  • Peter Lusa, Pomfret Center
  • Pam Olson, Thompson
  • Linda Peiczarka, Thompson
  • Barbara Pickett, Thompson
  • Ted Reynolds, Thompson
  • Jayne Robbins, Thompson
  • Leslee Ruggeri, Woodstock
  • Dolores Werge

We thank them all for sharing their time and talents with the agency. It is through the direction of the board that TEEG continues to grow, be successful and serve the community from a place of empowerment and strength.