Board of Directors

Message from Our Board President

From the early days of TEEG, the community has supported our mission by sharing their time, talent, and treasure to help others. Your generosity has allowed us to grow and spread our movement of caring since our founding 30 years ago. But the grassroots spirit of giving goes far deeper to the founding of our country.

In the early days of the Revolutionary War, people of the Quiet Corner answered the call to aid the city of Boston when resources were needed to fight the British blockade. Farmers from our area drove their sheep to the Commonwealth and later formed militias at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The willingness to answer the call for help is still evident today when hundreds of people join together to support TEEG fundraising campaigns that are essential for us to continue our work. The compassion spreads further when those who have been helped pay it forward to help others.

We are blessed by all the wonderful people who engage with TEEG and we truly appreciate all you do to sustain our mission. The roots of our communities are deep and abiding, and we thank you for all your support.

TEEG Board of Directors

The TEEG Board of Directors

Christopher Burke, Esq, President
Rene Comtois, Vice President
Mary Anne Fontaine, Secretary
Jo-Ann Chenail, Treasurer
Mercedes Robbins, Asst. Treasurer
Kevin Shaw, Executive Officer
Amy Archambault
Dr. Mary Cheyne
Larry Consiglio, Jr.
Eric Gould
Sandra Gould
Mary Ellen Jones
Erica Kesselman
Peter Lusa
Aaron McGarry
Pam Olson
Heather O’Rourke
Linda Peiczarka
Barbara Pickett
Ted Reynolds
Jayne Robbins
Leslee Ruggeri
Taff Tschamler
Dolores Werge