Lives Touched 2015-2016

The Story of NedThe Story of ‘Ned’

Homelessness can happen to anyone. ‘Ned’ worked hard all of his life, earned a decent living, put his kids through college and then the plant where he worked closed. His job disappeared. Home life became stressful. Stress led to divorce, and separation ultimately led to homelessness. By listening to his story, TEEG learned what he really needed was a bicycle and help getting his driver’s license back. Today with a new perspective, Ned has a license, a car, a job, a steady income and options for finding a place to call home.

TEEG Program – Lives Touched

  • Early Childhood & Community Education: 2,058
  • Youth Services: 8,039
  • Community & Income Qualified Programs: 24,854
  • Volunteer Services & Giving Back: 900
  • Senior Services: 3,177

Total times lives were touched fiscal year 2015-2016: 39,028

Unduplicated Individuals: 2,555
Unduplicated Families: 1,017