Annual Report

Seeing the Forest and The Trees

Download The TEEG Annual Report - 2016

As a small, grassroots agency, TEEG is a true partner to the communities of Northeast Connecticut. Our perspective about the work that we do is what makes us different.

We believe that our community is healthy and whole when we work together to take care of each other, to hold each other up, and to support the health and well-being of the most vulnerable among us.

We believe it is NOT solely the responsibility of government to reach out to those who need a hand – It is our responsibility to be a compassionate neighbor, to offer what we can, to be a community who cares.

Download the TEEG Annual Report

In Loving Memory

Inspiration. Guidance. Wisdom. Perspective. We have learned so much from so many amazing people who have departed from our presence, but never from our work.

Linda Groh, a founder and leader of TEEG, inspired the creation of this organization through a deep sense of commitment to community.

Fran Roy, a member of the TEEG Board of Directors from the very beginning, helped shape the TEEG way by leading as she lived, with compassion and purpose, always dedicating herself to the greater good. May we always include their perspectives as we endeavor in the work of caring for each other.

This year, in honor of Fran Roy’s 26 years of service to the TEEG organization, and her life-long commitment to community service, the TEEG Board of Directors has named the TEEG annual scholarship – an award given to college-bound seniors for outstanding demonstration of community service – the Frances E. Roy Memorial Scholarship. May her legacy of caring, compassion, and community commitment be carried on for generations to come.